Foolproof Grilled Chicken

For the very best results, we brine the chicken before it goes on the grill, then toss it in a robust vinaigrette when it's done.
June 2003

Light My Fire

A delicately seared fruit kebab may turn some heads, but if you can’t slap a porterhouse on the grill and make it sing, read on.
June 2003

Call of the Wild

Life at a South African safari camp is more than lions, tigers, and wildebeests—it's also white linen, ostrich pâté, and a chilled Pimm's Cup.
August 2002

Paths to Grilling Glory

Sure, grilling over live fire is simple, say Chris Schlesinger and John Willoughby, but with more than two dozen tips and myth-breaking facts, you can take it to a whole new level....
June 2002

Summers on a Midwest Ocean

At the top of the country lies an undiscovered land where eagles play in the trees, the lake goes on forever, and the food is fresh and fine.
August 2001
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