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2 Guys: How to Make a Good Thing Better

Beer that’s been aged in a whisky cask has a deep viscosity and a velvety pour, and this stuff could keep a car running smooth for months.
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2 Guys, 3 Balls

…And a liver, some kidneys, and a heart.
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2 Guys: The Other End of the Supper Club Experience

In June, EveSUPPERCLUB’s organizers posed a question that we hadn’t encountered at previous outings: Would we be interested in cooking at an upcoming charity event?
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2 Guys: The Gourmet High Life

wine + spirits + beer

2 Guys: Bottling Your Own Beer (Is Maybe Even Slightly Less Fun Than Brewing It)

“TIME TO BOTTLE!” exclaim our instructions. The instructions’ excitement, however, is probably due to the fact that they aren’t the ones that have to do the bottling.
wine + spirits + beer

2 Guys: Brewing Beer (Is Not as Fun as You’d Think it Would Be)

The specificity of brewing beer feels a lot like baking bread, but with more water and less fun.
food + cooking

2 Guys: Getting Baked

PR-savvy hemp growers have banded together like Haight St. musicians in a concerted marketing blitz.
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