Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl

Photograph by Sara Rubenstein

Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl grew up in New York City and attended public schools during the dread Ronald Reagan "ketchup is a vegetable" years. Fearful that mustard would soon be declared a meat, she quickly learned to be over articulate about food. She has been the food and wine critic for City Pages, the Village Voice Paper of Minneapolis and St. Paul, since 1997, and has contributed to Gourmet, USA Today, Wine & Spirits, and other publications. Nominated seven times for James Beard awards, she has won twice.

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Locavore in Paradise

In St. Thomas, coconuts, papayas, and mangoes are the freshest, most local produce. Fingerling potatoes, meanwhile, cost $5 a pound and cater to the yachting crowd.
chefs + restaurants

First Taste: Nick and Eddie

Do great restaurants ever really die? It's a good question to ask when at Nick and Eddie, Minneapolis’s newest big-buzz restaurant.
chefs + restaurants

Colin and the Chocolate Factory

Ever wonder why no one you know manufactures chocolate from raw cocoa beans? Right—neither had I until I spent an afternoon with 22-year-old Colin Gasko.
food + cooking

Silence of No Lambs

This is the kind of story Midwesterners won't tell you unless you drive across the snow-covered fields to talk to them.
chefs + restaurants

The Cocktail Gender Divide

Innovation reaches new heights at the Sofitel Water Tower hotel's bar, where I saw something for the first time: a "his 'n hers" cocktail list.
food + cooking

Pizza 2.0

Ladies and gentlemen, behold the pizza cone. Now, the cynics among you might ask: "Isn't it ridiculous to put pizza in an ice-cream cone?
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Imagine you're the brand-manager for Crisco or Spam—it must be like being Jayden James Spears Federline at a supermarket checkout line.
food + cooking

I’ll Show You a Candy Apple

In Minnesota, we have heard the call of the future, and it is sweeter than you can fathom.
food + cooking

Collect Them All

My grocery store, The Wedge, has released its first set of local-organic-farmer trading cards.
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Corny, Yet Awesome

Never seen the Corn Palace? You’re in for a treat.
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