Chris Dudley

Assistant Editor

Chris Dudley grew up in the rural South and hated every minute of it. After two semi-successful stints in college, he spent the next several years disappointing his parents by struggling as a poet. Tired of living off of ramen noodles and TV dinners, Dudley decided to sell out, move to New York, enroll in culinary school, and chase the big bucks as a food writer. His ultimate goal is to one day find a box of money.

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chefs + restaurants

Vendy Vidi Vici

Street food gets the red-carpet treatment at an awards ceremony honoring vendors in New York.
chefs + restaurants

Shaker Heights

At some restaurants—notably Alice Water’s Chez Panisse—you don’t even have to ask for salt and pepper; there are shakers on every table.
September 23, 2009
food + cooking

Food Online: A to Z

Twenty-six useful, enduring, or simply fascinating food sites, trends, and other Web phenomena.
cookbook club

Book Review: Rustic Fruit Desserts

We’ve found just the cookbook to cure your itch to bake with fruit piled high from your farmers market.
August 2009
cookbook club

Book Review: A Table in The Tarn

What happens when two Englishmen decide to open a gastronomic B&B in southwest France?
July 2009
cookbook club

Book Review: Quick & Easy Korean Cooking

If you’re looking to bring variety and imagination to your weeknight repertoire, Cecilia Hae-Jin Lee’s new cookbook has just what you need.
June 2009

Book Review: Falling Cloudberries

The very best cookbooks have the power to take you on a journey.
May 2009

No Such Thing as a Free Lunch

For generations, the students at Red Cloud Indian School raised their own food—then the federal government got into the act.
April 2009

Book Review: ’wichcraft

Every day ’wichcraft patrons across the country order upward of 5,000 sandwiches. What makes them so irresistible? A new cookbook reveals all.
April 2009

Book Review: The Breakfast Book

With so many new books dedicated to the morning meal, why pick one from the past? Because this classic has recipes we can’t live without.
March 2009
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