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Adam Gollner


Leonard Cohen once wrote that Montreal was "on the very threshold of greatness." Gourmet agreed and enlisted Adam Leith Gollner to chronicle the city’s best-kept secrets-everything from the best new restaurants and the hottest clubs to the latest on the city’s thriving music scene. Now he’s doing the same for all of Canada. In addition to writing for The New York Times, the Globe and Mail, and Good magazine, he’s also been the editor of Vice magazine. His first book, The Fruit Hunters: A Story of Nature, Adventure, Commerce and Obsession, is out now, and as far as he knows, Adam is one of the few remaining supporters of the Society for the Prevention of Progress.

Adam Gollner on gourmet.com

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Montreal: We’re French and You’re Not

When it comes to living and eating well, Montreal is Canada’s wonderland.
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Mango Madness

Mango men, mango madness, and the mango diversity—all coming to local supermarkets.
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First Taste: McKiernan Luncheonette Bar a Vins

McKiernan’s represents Quebec’s bipolar food culture, deftly straddling the tension between high and low.
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Good Reason for an All-Nighter

In a city renowned for its summery festivals, Montreal’s most magical event may be the Festival En Lumiere.
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Why We Love Quebec

On a recent swing through the Laurentians, some friends and I came across Yvan des Patates.
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Shrimply Marvelous; Crabs, Too

For seasonal seafood aficionados in Quebec, springtime signals the arrival of two much-loved local crustaceans.