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There are Other Fish in the Sea…

Because Chilean sea bass is so scarce, I haven't eaten the stuff in years. Chefs nationwide have boycotted it.
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Please Try This at Home

The beauty of home cooking is its simplicity, how it bears the fingerprint of its cook in a much more pronounced way than in a restaurant.
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Pure Honey, from the South Bronx

I went to a honey tasting the other evening, and though some of the samples were from as far away as New England, the theme of the tasting was local honeys.
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The World’s Best Figs, but the Supply is Limited

In the sunny Cilento region around Salerno, south of Naples, the harvest of white figs is just now wrapping.
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My Sandwich

Prosicutto is precious, after all, and best savored in small quantities.
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European Delights

It’s grouse season in London—and mushroom season in Paris. For people lamenting the creeping international sameness of restaurants, this is good news.
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Oozers Are Losers

And I think I can safely boast that I have the most beautiful compost pile in Berks Count, Pennsylvania this time of year.
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On The Naming of Things

Every faddish restaurant sells you overcooked mini hamburgers. But that’s not why I object to the fad. I object to it because everyone calls them “sliders.”
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I’ll Show You a Candy Apple

In Minnesota, we have heard the call of the future, and it is sweeter than you can fathom.
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Pepper Power

In our house the hot summer belongs to tomatoes and basil, but early fall, that’s prime pepper time.
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