Water, Water Everywhere

Published in Gourmet Live 08.22.12
Our examination of the planet's most important liquid asset includes a look at new technologies delivering clean drinking water worldwide, plus a visual tour of global ice treats, a visit to the island of Newfoundland, and our favorite funny recipe
Water, Water Everywhere

A Ghana family with the vessel containing the Pure Home Water AfriClay ceramic filter, or Kosim (meaning "pure water") filter in the Dagbani language.

We're on track for the hottest year on record in the United States, with a historic drought decimating crops around the country. Naturally, water is on the minds of many, and we're taking the ever-more-precious resource as our topic for this issue of Gourmet Live.

Eight hundred million people around the world lack access to reliably clean water for drinking and cooking, according to World Health Organization and United Nations statistics. But scientists and other innovators are coming up with amazing—and sometimes amazingly simple—ways to clean, desalinate, and otherwise improve the planet's water, as science writer Katherine Harmon reports in her piece Quenching the Global Thirst for Clean Water.

For a lighter look at the global water situation, dive into our slideshow of Ice Desserts Around the World, with shaved ice treats that include Italy's granita, Guatemala's granizada, halo-halo from the Philippines, and Panamanian raspao.

We couldn't address frozen water without a nod to hot water: specifically, the November 2001 Gourmet recipe for Salted Water for Boiling that has become one of the most-reviewed recipes on our sister site Epicurious—and certainly the recipe with the most creative and hilarious comments. Our own Kemp Minifie, a 35-year veteran of Gourmet's kitchens, shares her perspective on the joke-fest, and mounts a defense for the recipe's perfect salt-to-water ratio for cooking pasta and vegetables. The reviewer who said "My guests were begging me for the recipe" might not have been kidding.

The salted water that surrounds Newfoundland is the inspiration for a newly robust local food scene in the historic town of St. John's, where cod has rebounded and is back on the menu big-time. Anna Watson Carl provides a sample of the best of "nouvelle Newfoundland" cuisine and lists her picks for the top restaurants, pubs, chocolatiers, and breweries in St. John's.

In these hot days of summer, fast and easy recipes are the order of the day. So, for quick, delicious meals, dig into our hardcover book Gourmet Weekday: All-Time Favorite Recipes. From the hundreds of effortless dishes published in Gourmet over the years, this compilation features editors' best-loved selections, including seafood dishes that are ready in minutes, such as Seared Scallops with Tarragon-Butter Sauce; quick-cooking favorites like Deviled Chicken Drumsticks; and for dessert, Chocolate Fallen Soufflé Cake.

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