Gifts of the Season

Published in Gourmet Live 12.14.11
Recipes for holiday cookies and rich short ribs—plus a chat with comedian David Cross—are a few of our treats for you

Cook. Shop. Eat. That pretty much sums up our lives this time of year (watch for Julia Roberts in the movie version). This issue of Gourmet Live is dedicated to making those three activities fun, easy, and delicious.

We start in the kitchen with contributor Gina Marie Miraglia Eriquez, who scores on all three counts by turning out five very different cookies from one simple dough. On the savory front, we’re sharing a sumptuous new recipe for Provençal Short Ribs with Olives and Herbs. The active time is just an hour to make this impressive centerpiece for your Hanukkah feast or other celebratory spread.

Fun, easy, and delicious were also the inspiration for our two holiday gift guides—one that’s all DIY and another that’s dedicated to mail-order presents. While you’re reaching into your pocket for your credit card, we hope you’ll consider our list of 10 food-related charities—why not make a donation in the name of a food-loving friend who already has every kitchen gadget imaginable?

Our gift to you this issue (and, well, to ourselves, too) is an interview with one of our favorite comedians: David Cross.

What’s the best food gift you’ve ever given or received? Tell us via Twitter or Facebook, email us, or post a comment on our blog.

From our kitchen to yours,

The Editors of Gourmet Live

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