Alicia Silverstone: Kind, Not Clueless

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GL: So which are your favorite places for vegan food?

AS: In New York, go to Candle 79 and order the Seitan Picata and this peanut butter chocolate crazy mousse thing at the end. It is so good. And then in LA, you should go to Real Food Daily. Get the nachos, but get them plain. Don’t get them with the taco meat. And get it with regular cheese, not jalapeno cheese to start, and then you can always graduate to the other crazy ingredients. And the Reuben sandwich, too, with sliced tomatoes. And there’s also a restaurant in Venice called Shima that is so amazing—it’s a regular Japanese restaurant so they have fish and stuff like that, but they have this homemade organic tofu that tastes like pudding. All their desserts are so beautifully made, and they don’t use sugar. They use only brown rice. And there is also a restaurant called Elf. It’s so sexy in there. And for breakfast, I would go to M Cafe for the vegan Benedict. And I would go to Real Food Daily on Sunday for the full French toast and omelet experience. It is unbelievable.

GL: Finally, you have a new Eco-friendly cosmetic bag and brush collection coming out?

AS: They are just so pretty, soft and yummy on your skin. They are all made with really groovy ingredients. The brushes are made with bamboo and recycled metal, and the bags are made with hemp and vegetable dyes instead of the regular icky stuff. We don’t even use paper. It is all stone paper, which we are reusing from construction sites, and the plastic is all recycled plastic. So it is pretty wonderful. And, all that aside, it doesn’t matter. They are just beautiful.

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