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Politics of the Plate: Mission Man

Howarth Bouis has found a way to alleviate childhood malnutrition in the developing world. So why haven't you heard of him?
November 2007
food politics

The Perestroika Diet

What happens when you force an entire country to decrease its food intake from an average of 2,899 calories per day to 1,863?
food + cooking


Imagine you're the brand-manager for Crisco or Spam—it must be like being Jayden James Spears Federline at a supermarket checkout line.
food politics

More News from the GM Battlefront

Proponents of GM crops illogically argue that because there's no proof that bioengineered plants do any harm, there should be no laws prohibiting their use.
food politics

Politics of the Plate: Mr. McGuire was Dead Wrong...

A research team found that exposure to a chemical widely used in the manufacture of plastic bottles and food containers can alter genes in fetal mice.
food politics

One More Reason to Eat Organic

Exposure to pesticides can dramatically increase your chances of getting Parkinson's disease, according to a recently published paper.
food politics

Let Them Eat Cake

Cake, cookies, candy bars and even Tater Tots are the high-calorie human foods that are fattening hogs and cattle.
food politics

Seeing Red

Pre-packed styrofoam tubs of meat have been gassed with carbon monoxide, according to Food and Water Watch.
food politics

Cloning Around

The FDA seems hell-bent on approving cloned animals for use in our food supply, despite concerns expressed by watch dog groups.
food politics

McDonald’s Has a Royal Cow

When Prince Charles recently visited Abu Dhabi, he turned to a nutritionist and said: "Have you thought of banning McDonald's?