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matthew amster-burton

chefs + restaurants

Restaurants Now: Tanuki

(PORTLAND) - Tanuki looks like a standard neighborhood Japanese restaurant. Do not be fooled.
food + cooking

Discovering Korean Tea

Light, fragrant, and beautifully balanced, jaksul cha is exactly what I look for in a tea—so why had I never heard of it?
food + cooking

Tamago Gohan to Start the Day

Ridiculously easy to make, this satiating breakfast is perfect for those remaining winter mornings.
food + cooking

A Soondae Supper

This comforting Korean dish satisfies adventurous eaters and blood-sausage novices alike.
food + cooking

Chewy Pork Belly

A seemingly undercooked piece of meat brings up issues of cross-cultural understanding and culinary authenticity.
chefs + restaurants

Eight Great Teahouses in the Pacific Northwest

Going out for tea no longer means choosing between a bubble-tea parlor and a tea bag from a coffee chain.
food + cooking

Cooking Cucumbers

Don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it: This unorthodox preparation gives cucumbers a great texture and a wonderfully intense flavor.
chefs + restaurants

Eight Great Banh Mi in Seattle

These Vietnamese sandwiches are the best cheap lunch in town, and one of the most popular. Here are my favorites.
food + cooking

Rice Burgers: The Ultimate Fast Food

These golden brown rice patties—filled with meat or crisp produce—bear little resemblance to dull veggie burgers.
food + cooking

A Thai Twist on Pasta Salad

It’s September. Summer is flaming out in Seattle, and to celebrate its last few days, all I want is pasta salad.