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Restaurants Now: Raspa & Wine

(SPAIN) - Since late spring, there’s been an added attraction: The hotel bar has been renamed Raspa & Wine, outfitted with new furnishings, and given an irresistible new menu of, as we say in the States, “little plates.”...
chefs + restaurants

Restaurants Now: Estado Puro

(MADRID) - Estado Puro translates as “pure state,” which gives you an idea of what Paco Roncero is up to—as long as you believe that the pure state of, say, salt cod is to be rolled into chestnut-sized balls and deep-fried to a...
chefs + restaurants

Restaurants Now: Table 8, Kitchenette, Snackbar, Estado Puro

This week’s roundup includes Govind Armstrong’s much-heralded New York entrance, a covert lunch operation in San Francisco, a Mississippi spin on small plates, and a down-home tapas bar in...
chefs + restaurants

First Taste: Estragon

Estragon brings tapas and a convivial bustle to a newly-developed corner of the trendy South End neighborhood.
chefs + restaurants

First Taste: Txori

Really, the only problem with Txori, a new tapas bar in downtown Seattle, is that the floor is too clean.