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Locavore in Paradise

In St. Thomas, coconuts, papayas, and mangoes are the freshest, most local produce. Fingerling potatoes, meanwhile, cost $5 a pound and cater to the yachting crowd.
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First Taste: Nick and Eddie

Do great restaurants ever really die? It's a good question to ask when at Nick and Eddie, Minneapolis’s newest big-buzz restaurant.
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Colin and the Chocolate Factory

Ever wonder why no one you know manufactures chocolate from raw cocoa beans? Right—neither had I until I spent an afternoon with 22-year-old Colin Gasko.
food + cooking

Silence of No Lambs

This is the kind of story Midwesterners won't tell you unless you drive across the snow-covered fields to talk to them.
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The Cocktail Gender Divide

Innovation reaches new heights at the Sofitel Water Tower hotel's bar, where I saw something for the first time: a "his 'n hers" cocktail list.
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Pizza 2.0

Ladies and gentlemen, behold the pizza cone. Now, the cynics among you might ask: "Isn't it ridiculous to put pizza in an ice-cream cone?
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Imagine you're the brand-manager for Crisco or Spam—it must be like being Jayden James Spears Federline at a supermarket checkout line.
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I’ll Show You a Candy Apple

In Minnesota, we have heard the call of the future, and it is sweeter than you can fathom.
food + cooking

Collect Them All

My grocery store, The Wedge, has released its first set of local-organic-farmer trading cards.
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Corny, Yet Awesome

Never seen the Corn Palace? You’re in for a treat.
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