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First Taste: Sergi Arola Gastro

This is the first restaurant that the Adrià-trained rocker-turned-chef has actually owned, and it’s very, very hot.
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Holiday Shopping

The Madrid Christmas market is really about plastic. And especially, plastic molded into the tiny figurines that populate nativity scenes here.
chefs + restaurants

As Spanish as Apple Pie

In the past, whenever Spaniards mocked American food as being all hamburgers and hotdogs, I took them to Cornucopia, a rambling old apartment-turned-restaurant.
chefs + restaurants

“P” is for Pricey ... and Maybe Pretentious

Sula House is an updated version of what Madrileños call a tasca ilustrada (bistro with pretentions).
chefs + restaurants

First Taste: Diverxo, As In Diverse

DiverXo sits on a drab street in a drab part of town I can honestly say I had never been to before.
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One-Stop Shopping, With Tables Attached

A big trend is the combo restaurant and gourmet shop. And now the creator of one of Madrid's best Italian restaurants has gotten in on the act.
chefs + restaurants

Magic Moments from Madrid

Hundreds of chefs, writers, and critics turned out for Madrid Fusion, one of the most interesting get-togethers in the food world.