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robert pincus

food + cooking

In a (Quick) Pickle

A good pickle is a party—crisp, flavorful vegetables, acidity, saltiness, sweetness, and aromatics as the interesting guest from out of town.
food + cooking

When Wurst is Best

An impromptu celebration pairs Champagne with liverwurst and Vidalia onion. Everyone is happy.
food + cooking

Love’s Labor, Eaten

Fava beans are ugly and a ton of work. You want them anyway. Here’s why.
food + cooking

Hail Caesar

Summer is too hot for making elaborate culinary constructions. In praise of the Caesar salad.
food + cooking

Summer at the Improv

It’s the farmers’ market. Shop first. Ask questions later.
food + cooking

Holy Aioli

Is the joy of aioli in using garlicky mayonnaise as an excuse to eat unseemly amounts of vegetables, or in using vegetables as an excuse to eat good mayonnaise?
food + cooking

The Eggs Come Before the Chicken

Eggs from pastured chickens are seasonal food at its most spectacular.
food + cooking

Red, White, and Greens

Spring begins when the farmers at the Greenmarket bring their weeds in to sell. They’re marvelous.
food + cooking

The Savory Side of Asparagus

What has really struck me this year is how happily asparagus pairs with umami, the savory “fifth flavor.”
food + cooking

Brand New World

Pop quiz: Your first child has arrived, 2 1/2 weeks early, after a blindingly short labor. Quick—what's for dinner?