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We’ll Always Have Paris

Benjamin Franklin returned from Paris with 126 suitcases. This biographer and her family came back with significantly less—and more.
August 2005

A West Side Story

Leonard made music, Felicia threw "monster rallies," and Nina, Alexander, and Jamie Bernstein Thomas were dazzled by the likes of Burton and Bacall.
February 2002

Hungry For Adventure

Along deserted beaches, through villages of thatch, and across some pretty shaky ground—one’s writer’s pursuit of the perfect meal in Mozambique.
March 2000

Tricks of my Trade

November 1952
louis diat,

South American Journey: PART IV

Argentina rolls South along the long, lean east coast of South America, right down to the butter-horn A shape of the Tierra del Fuego, blue with fury and wind and ice.
February 1956

Viennese Memoir: The Flight Out

June 1958

Mexican Mornings: July 1948

I haven't seen Lord Freddy for almost a week now, but I presume he is well and happy, or I'd have heard about it.
July 1948
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