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food + cooking

Food on Film: The Best Bites

Movie critics, including the AP's Christy Lemire, The New Yorker's David Denby, Turner Classic Movies' Ben Mankiewicz, and Betsy Sharkey of the Los Angeles Times, name their favorite scenes that spotlight food...
food + cooking

Party Trends

The chefs and planners behind blockbuster events like the Screen Actors Guild Awards tell Emily L. Foley what’s hot now
food + cooking

My Day on a Plate: Debi Mazar

From Goodfellas to good food. The actress, mother, and current Dancing with the Stars hoofer has a new website, Under the Tuscan Gun, where she dishes out her favorite traditional Italian recipes, ingredients, and anecdotes....
food + cooking

Jeanne Dielman and the Mise en Scène of Meatloaf

To enter the Criterion Collection’s new movie contest, your acting has to be as good as your cooking.
food + cooking

The Rebirth of Simone Beck

Now that she’s a character in the movie Julie and Julia, a forgotten co-author of Mastering the Art of French Cooking may once again stir up some interest among foodies....
food + cooking

My Day on a Plate: Nora Ephron

Nora Ephron—novelist, screenwriter, director, serious eater—with her latest film, Julie & Julia, dishes about everything she ate over the course of 24 hours....
food + cooking

The Trouble with Julie & Julia

Five years after Julia Child’s death, she’s winning America’s heart again through this movie. Julie Powell is another story.
food + cooking

Sonoma’s Food, Wine, and Film Mashup

This year’s Sonoma International Film Festival features some surprisingly good pairings (Chardonnay and kettle corn) and very some odd choices (a lifetime achievement award for Bruce Willis?)....
food politics

Oscars® Honor a Community Garden

The Academy Awards nominate a documentary film that looks at the tragedy of a once-verdant plot in South Central L.A.
food + cooking

Cooking Stars

Before the age of celebrity chefs, there were chef-celebrities. What creations did Humphrey Bogart and Charlton Heston dream up?