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favorite cocktails: brandy


Dry Mermaid

If Daryl Hannah is any indication, it’s important for a mermaid to remain wet. Splash aside, this is a nice whistle-wetter.
November 1982

“Two-Dollar Cocktail”

Essentially a Sidecar without the lemon juice, but a fine cocktail in its own right.
July 1992

Lemon Champagne

In a decade overflowing with Champagne cocktails, it’s nice to find one with some character.
September 1977

Advocaat (Dutch Eggnog)

A little goes a long way, but not because of the intoxicating effects. In this case, richness is the overindulgence factor.
December 1974

Orange Bavaroise

A sweet and orangey concoction brought to France in the 18th century and to our readers in the 20th.
January 1975

Tijuana Tippler

Who needs a frippiti-frappity mochaccino when you can have this delicious coffee, chocolate, and brandy concoction?
December 1973

Applejack Rabbit

Apple brandy and maple syrup will have you seeing the falling leaves of autumn, no matter where you live.
December 1965

New England Cider Cup

The 19th-century temperance movement endangered many innocent apples. Here’s a drink the celebrates their survival.
December 1964

Cherry Bounce

A very, very old recipe, this infusion makes a terrific cordial, but can be used in mixed drinks as well.
August 1966

El Presidente Cocktail

Not to be confused with the daiquiri variant of the same, this tropical cocktail came from El Presidente Hotel in Acapulco.
February 1967