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robert pincus

food + cooking

Strange Foods in a Strange Land

My toddler comes to Europe. First snack: smoked eel.
travel + culture

Packing Iron (or Steel, Anyway)

What do you need to make a borrowed kitchen feel like home?
chefs + restaurants

Restaurants Now: Olivéa

(DENVER) - John Broening and Yasmin Lozada-Hissom are a pair of chefs with an old-school appreciation for craft without flash and a very modern sense of seasonality and locality.
food + cooking

Rhubarb + Mustard seeds = Rhubarb mustard

I’d never seen this equation before, but it’s a good one.
food + cooking

Tour de Herb

The best way to honor the life of a favorite uncle? A tour of the places where he most liked to eat.
food + cooking

The Middle Way

Stretching the repertoire of spinach is just a matter of following as many traditions as possible.
food + cooking

Arugula: Rocket Ship to Flavor

The peppery slap of this early-spring green is the perfect way to wake up the palate after a long winter of grains and braised meat.
food + cooking

Exhaling at Last

It seemed like winter would never end. Then the Greenmarket burst into spring.
food + cooking

An Old Friend’s Cousin

The U.S. has ramps; Europeans have ransoms.
food + cooking

Fry Me to the Moon

Sometimes inspiration comes in the form of a machine.