food + cooking

Who's Umami

Neil Katz will do a lot to learn about food. This time he had to eat crab brains
travel + culture

Travel Smart: Five Rules of the Rental Road

Gourmet’s travel editor wants you to get out on the highway, looking for adventure.

Another Round

Ice, the forgotten cocktail ingredient, is elevated to ritual in Japan. You too can now have beautiful ice spheres, no apprenticeship required.
July 2009
food + cooking

Confessions of a Faux-Food Fanatic

It may sound odd, but I’ve come to value replicas of food more than the real thing—because even the meal of a lifetime is over in a matter of hours, but a plastic shrimp is a joy forever....
food politics

Politics of the Plate: Land of the Rising Seafood Awareness

In Japan, sustainable seafood is finally becoming more widely available. Most consumers, however, are still in the dark about it.

A Winter’s Tale

Breathtaking landscapes and soul-soothing comfort food enliven the long winter months in the mountains of Japan’s Honshu island.
December 2008
food politics

Sustainable Seafood Slowly Swims to Japan

With so much fish for the taking, what is left in the sea?
travel + culture

In the Belly of Tsukiji

Walking to the Tsukiji fish market was like entering an alternate universe of artisan shops against the more usual backdrop of convenience-store Tokyo.
food + cooking

Mad for Mochi

I can’t read Japanese at all, so I usually rely on pictographs for cooking directions. But what if there are no pictographs?
chefs + restaurants

One Night in Kyoto

Kyoto, a town known for its gardens and temples, also has a lively, if refined, food scene. Restaurants typically specialize in one type of food.
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