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Eight Great Street-Food Vendors in Philadelphia

You can get almost everything—falafel hoagies, Jamaican goat, pork belly with medicinal herbs (and even an assist from Hello Kitty Land)—without a lot of hype.
cookbook club

The Gourmet Cookbook Club: How to Debone and Stuff a Flounder with John Besh

Chef John Besh demonstrates an easy method of deboning a flounder while keeping the fish whole. Why would you need to do that? To stuff it with crabmeat and shrimp, of course....

Having a Grand Time, New York City

We offered some of our favorite restaurant critics a theoretical $1,000 to spend dining out in their home city.
October 2009
food + cooking

My Day on a Plate: Wolfgang Puck

A look at everything the Los Angeles-based, James Beard Award-winner cooked, ate, and served—whether at home, his hotspot Spago, or a private dinner for famous friends like Sidney Poitier....
chefs + restaurants

Le Fooding Bites the Big Apple

Gourmet’s European correspondent has seen Le Fooding change the way people think about food in France. What will happen when the French invade New York?
food + cooking

My Day on a Plate: Laurent Gras

As part of a continuing series, the chef of Chicago’s L20, Laurent Gras, tells us everything he ate and drank over the previous 24 hours.
wine + spirits + beer

Bartenders Who Farm

Is this the next logical step in the modern cocktail movement?
chefs + restaurants

Dessert Soups

A great alternative to rustic fruit pastries, chilled soups are both elegant and effortless.
travel + culture

Britain’s Chain-Restaurant Renaissance

Never mind the high-end places; the real British food revolution is happening in far humbler establishments.
food + cooking

My Day on a Plate: José Andrés

As part of a continuing series, José Andrés—who brought you cotton candy foie gras but won’t turn down an in-flight breakfast—tells us everything he consumed over the...