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food flashes


Food Flashes: April 1944

April brings the shad's return to the Hudson. Those flapping, iridescent beauties of the herring family will be gill-trapped again by the thousands daily.
April 1944

Food Flashes: March 1944

Luxury today has the flavor of vice. In the ancient world of 1940, luxury was nearly a virtue.
March 1944

Food Flashes: February 1944

Deer, this winter's unrationed red meat, has a demand tenfold over that of previous winters.
February 1944

Food Flashes: January 1944

Neither a feast nor a famine, that's the dinner bell tidings for the new year.
January 1944

Food Flashes: July 1943

Corn's ripe! And 30,000,000 American mouths moisten with anticipation.
July 1943