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gourmet's favorite cocktails: 1941-2009


“Two-Dollar Cocktail”

Essentially a Sidecar without the lemon juice, but a fine cocktail in its own right.
July 1992

Provençal Sage Cordial

Next time you’ve got a bunch of sage, save 10 leaves for this delicious liqueur.
November 1990

Apricot Toddy

One of the only cocktails we know of that’s made with a dried-fruit-infused spirit.
February 1986

Manhattan Windows on the World

An iconic cocktail from one of New York City’s iconic restaurants.
October 1984

Frozen Eggnog

Not many cocktails are the consistency of soft ice cream. Perhaps more should be.
December 1984

Bourbon Sloe Gin Cocktail

A blender drink unlike any other, and an image-changer for sloe gin: It’s not just for embarrassingly named cocktails.
August 1981

Beau Fashion

An Old Fashioned variant made grander with the addition of Grand Marnier.
May 1997

Orange Rum Rickey

This recipe was originally part of an après-tennis menu, but we “love” to “serve” it anytime.
July 1994

Mulled Cider with Calvados

A drink made of apple juice and apple brandy and garnished with Granny Smith apple slices. If this doesn’t keep the doctor away....
February 1993