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The Gourmet Cookbook Club: Chinese Noodles Four Ways

The authors of Beyond the Great Wall: Recipes and Travels in the Other China, show you how to use a single dough to create four regional noodle varieties.

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A Banquet of Bugs

You can taste exquisitely crisp Peking duck in Beijings’s restaurants, but you’d be much better off savoring a caterpillar or katydid at the Night Food Market.
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Love Child

A few weeks ago I traveled to the small island country of Macau, a place scarred deeply by both the Chinese and Portuguese Empires.
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Postcard from Yunnan, Part 5

The other food product Yunnan is famous for is mushrooms. One hot pot restaurant had 37 varieties of mushrooms …in the off season.
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Postcard from Yunnan, Part 4

Lijiang, at the foot of Yulong Mountain, boasts two ancient cities: one destroyed by earthquake in 1996 and restored; the other intact for over 800 years.
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Postcard from Yunnan, Part 3

I could tell you about the sweet peas I had at lunch, but my understanding of culinary dispatches from abroad dictates that I tell you about frog skin.
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Postcard from Yunnan, Part 2

Food-wise, Yunnan is most famous for its ham, a salty, long-cured product that can be compared to jamon serrano or prosciutto.
diary of a foodie

Gourmet's Diary of a Foodie: China

From the rural countryside to the urban centers, we explore the then and now of Chinese cuisine.

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Postcard from Yunnan, Part 1

This is hardly a cultural homecoming, but it is a good time. Part 1 in a series.
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Swallowing Clouds

When I was a kid, I spent my summers in Hong Kong, running around with my cousins and fueling our video game binges with street food.