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travel + culture

Prem Lessons

A Thai academy teaches kids to cook from the ground up.
food + cooking

Paella and Yum Gung

Our Christmas dinners changed forever when my sister-in-law started dating a Thai man.

Thai-Style Chicken Soup with Basil

This soup has many layers in its complexity, but the overall effect is of cleanness and freshness.
February 2009
chefs + restaurants

Of Thai Food and Civic Duty

L.A.’s Renu Nakorn provides delicious rewards for early voters.
food + cooking

A Thai Twist on Pasta Salad

It’s September. Summer is flaming out in Seattle, and to celebrate its last few days, all I want is pasta salad.

Thai-Spiced Tomato Soup

This Thai riff on tomato soup tickles your taste buds with the hot-sour-salty-sweet quadruple play for which Southeast Asian food is known.
October 2008

Lemongrass Ice Cream

Small scoops of this tantalizing dessert makes a perfect finale to a fiery Thai or Indian meal.
September 2008

Beyond Bangkok

Angelenos who love Thai food are passionate about their favorites, and, like the food-mad everywhere, they rarely agree. Here are a few of my own preferred places.
July 2008

Tinseltown Thai

Los Angeles has long been the undisputed Thai-restaurant capital of America. And Jitlada is the jewel in the city’s crown.
July 2008
travel + culture

Shopping for Pok Pok

Finding the right flavors is no easy task for the owner of Portland’s beloved street-style Asian café.