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food + cooking

The Home Cook: Kemp’s Creamy Creamless Corn Chowder

When the weather starts to shift, thoughts turn to a warming bowl of chowder—but hold the dairy.

Kemp’s Creamy Creamless Chile Corn Chowder

Corn chowder doesn’t have to be ivory pale with milk or cream to taste creamy.
September 2009
travel + culture

Hallo Berlin! Thai Park Edition

Even in summer, you’re not going to confuse Berlin with Thailand. But maybe the Preuβenpark can give an approximation.
food + cooking

Gardening 101: Ring of Chile Fire

Growing peppers can make you fall for extremes, from sweet Italians to red-hot Thai.

Ancho and Cocoa Carne Asada

The spice rub for this steak evokes the complex flavor of a rich Mexican mole sauce, but with almost no investment of time.
March 2009
diary of a foodie

Gourmet’s Diary of a Foodie: Chile Peppers: Playing with Fire

What could be more exhilarating than the rush of a chile pepper? Discover the many ways in which these peppers have set the global palate on fire.