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L.A. Kinda Rules, Part Three

A landscape of mountain, ocean, and taco.

Ancho and Cocoa Carne Asada

The spice rub for this steak evokes the complex flavor of a rich Mexican mole sauce, but with almost no investment of time.
March 2009

Tortilla Soup with Chiles and Tomatoes

Tortilla soup is all about contrasting textures, but its real success hinges on a fabulous broth.
February 2009

Mexican Pineapple Salad

Juicy pineapple meets creamy avocado, crisp jicama, and red onion in a refreshing salad that goes especially well with the cilantro-chipotle tilapia.
February 2009

Mexican Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Pungent cotija cheese, a garnish for Tortilla Soup with Chiles and Tomatoes, becomes the main event in this delectable sandwich.
February 2009
food + cooking

A Sacramental Meal

It’s not fancy, but for a remote New Mexican village, this restorative feast embodies the holiday spirit.
chefs + restaurants

Crunching on Grasshopper Tacos

This Mexican delicacy is meaty, crispy, and strangely addictive. Just close your eyes, and the filling isn’t so different from pork carnitas.