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A Brain is a Terrible Thing to Waste

When the author was young, if he didn’t eat what was being served, he was rejecting his Italian heritage. But what ten-year-old wants to eat capuzzelle?
January 2009
cookbook club

The Gourmet Cookbook Club: How to Cook Tripe

Tripe—the inner lining of a cow’s stomach—can be an intimidating ingredient for the home cook, but Andrew Carmellini, chef and author of Urban Italian, shares some simple tips for preparing it....
cookbook club

Tripe alla Parmigiana

Lots of people are afraid of tripe, but I love it. Tripe is serious comfort food, warm and rich and filling and delicious. (registration required)
November 2008
food + cooking

For the Love of Tripe

I've never made any secret of my enthusiasm for tripe, the stomach lining of cows.

Calves' Brains Fritters

December 1958