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food politics

Cloning Around

The FDA seems hell-bent on approving cloned animals for use in our food supply, despite concerns expressed by watch dog groups.
food politics

Hog Wild

Pork production has its place in agricultural legislation. But lawmakers should concern themselves with swine that have curly tails, not those sporting Armani suits.
chefs + restaurants

Sohn Fine With Foie Gras Fine

Doug Sohn, the first chef in town to be ticketed for serving foie gras,was slapped with a fine of $250, the minimum penalty.
travel + culture

Shooting Themselves in the Plate?

The French restaurant world is in an uproar over the recent decision to apply France’s 35-hour workweek to the restaurant trade.
food + cooking

The Vegemite Skinny

The good news is that there is no issue with personally importing Vegemite, and Australians can bring it in freely for personal consumption.
food + cooking

Vegemite Ban a Sham?

A concerned friend sent me a Slashfood post saying vegemite was being banned in the U.S. I panicked. I’m addicted to this Aussie savory.
food politics

Champing at the Bit

Can a horse be dinner? For some, the answer yes. For others, the idea of eating Seabiscuit can be off-putting.

The Price is Right

How did the New Deal morph into agribusiness as usual? It’s the economy, stupid.
July 2003