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Olive Oil 101 (Part I)

In Spain, they take their olive oil seriously. Very, very seriously. The University of Córdoba offers a postgraduate degree in the stuff.
food + cooking

The Taste of Spain

Seville held its first edition of Andalucía Sabor, a culinary conference devoted to "Three Cultures" (Christian, Muslim, and Jewish) and "Two Seas" (the Mediterranean and Atlantic).
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Barcelona Dreaming, Part I

So you've got these friends, and when you get together, you spend a lot of time talking about food.
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Key Notes: Hospedería Del Vino, Rioja, Spain

The Hospederia del Vino, located just a few miles up the road from Gehry’s behemoth, is the place to go if youre more serious about wine than architecture.
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As Spanish as Apple Pie

In the past, whenever Spaniards mocked American food as being all hamburgers and hotdogs, I took them to Cornucopia, a rambling old apartment-turned-restaurant.
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Celebrate Summer—But Hurry

In Spain, the idea of eating seasonally is taken quite literally—ice cream stores shut down from November to April, and you can’t find a cocido in July to save your life. They even drink seasonally....
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A Little Something to Eat in Barcelona

It’s no secret that Tapac 24 is great. Carles Abellan opened this place a year ago, and ever since, the line’s been out the door.
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Chill in Seville with an Afternoon Siesta

If you've ever spent time in Andalusia during the summer, you know about the flama, a heat so scorching it threatens to turn anyone to dust.
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Barcelona Dreaming, Part III

At 11 a.m. on June 30, Pazzta 920 was ready to go. It had been touch-and-go for a while, but the quartet had promised to open by end of June, and today was it.
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Barcelona Dreaming, Part II

By mid-June, our four young culinary entrepreneurs were finally able to begin the work that would transform Fruites I Verdures Vicenta into Pazzta 920.
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