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Eight Great Street-Food Vendors in New York City

Street food is as fundamental and occasionally controversial an aspect of city living as Woody Allen or the Yankees.
food + cooking

Vendor Power

Becoming a street-food vendor is a time-honored road to success—but sometimes you need a helping hand to figure out the ropes.
food + cooking

My Day on a Plate: Luisa Weiss

In her blog, The Wednesday Chef, cookbook editor, food writer, and home cook Luisa Weiss bakes, fries, and roasts her way through recipes clipped from The New York Times and The Los Angeles...
chefs + restaurants

Restaurants Now: A Voce

(New York) - Per Se and Masa, the stars of the Time Warner Center, get an ambitious new neighbor.
food + cooking

Sporting an Appetite at the U.S. Open

When it comes to conspicuous consumption, this tournament’s players are no match for the fans.

Having a Grand Time, New York City

We offered some of our favorite restaurant critics a theoretical $1,000 to spend dining out in their home city.
October 2009
chefs + restaurants

Restaurants Now: Oceana, Beaker and Flask, First Food and Bar

This week, we cruise through the new Oceana in New York City, sample the wares of an inventive Portland bar, and check out what Sam DeMarco is up to in Vegas.
travel + culture

Travel Smart: High Life, Low Budget, in New York

Gourmet’s executive editor discovers an Ace in the black hole of affordable (yet ritzy) Manhattan hotels.
chefs + restaurants

Le Fooding Bites the Big Apple

Gourmet’s European correspondent has seen Le Fooding change the way people think about food in France. What will happen when the French invade New York?
chefs + restaurants

Restaurants Now: Green Goddess, Don Dae Gam, Permanent Brunch

In this week’s roundup, we visit an eclectic addition to New Orleans’ French Quarter; a New York City restaurant where it’s all brunch, all the time; and a Korean pork palace in Los...