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travel + culture

Dishes from the Melting Pot

When I first lived in China, a little more than a decade ago, cultural immersion was more or less obligatory.

Stinking Delicious

If your nostrils are suddenly assailed by an unsavory stench while walking around Shanghai, chances are you are near a place serving chou dou fu.
food + cooking

In Search of the Glories of the East

The heavy spices of western Chinese cooking can conceal a multitude of sins: namely, raw ingredients that are themselves rather tasteless.
travel + culture

What a Dumpling

There is discussionon egullet about where one can find the best xiao long bao, or Shanghai soup dumplings.

A Journey Of 1,000 Dishes

Snakes, scorpions, and ducks, oh my. A spectacular eating tour of China, where the noodles are hand-pulled and the toasts last all night. Margy Rochlin goes along for the ride.
June 2000