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peggy knickerbocker

food politics

Slow Food Festival Fires Up

Alice Waters announced a huge public celebration to be held in San Francisco next May 1-4 (that's 2008), to be called Slow Food Nation.
chefs + restaurants

First Taste: Spork

The hippest stretch of Valencia Street, in the Mission District, just got a lot hipper, thanks to Bruce Binns unpretentiously chic diner, Spork, in a former KFC.
travel + culture

Peru’s Secret Seafood Sensation

The makeshift restaurant is only open from 11 to 5 and consists of nothing more than two bricks walls strung with fishnet overhead.
chefs + restaurants

Hello, Dalai

My friend Shaina Robbins was among a group of Midwest chefs who were invited to cook for the Dalai Lama in Madison, Wisconsin for the dedication of a new Buddhist temple.
travel + culture

Workers' Paradise in Buenos Aires

I gasped as I walked into El Obrero, in a run-down part of town. It was the kind of place I've been trying to track down all my life.
food politics

From the Ground Up, In New Orleans

In New Orleans during Katrina two years ago, more than a foot of floodwater inundated the schoolyard at the Green Charter School.
food politics

How Now, Straus Cow?

Straus Family Creamery, became the first organic dairy west of the Mississippi when it converted, in 1993, to the sustainable model it is today.
travel + culture

In Paris, How Sweet It Is

A beekeeping friend asked me to visit a couple of honey stores (La Maison du Miel and Les Ruchers du Roy) in Paris recently, opening the doors to a subculture of beekeeping—agriculture—that I had no idea existed....
travel + culture

2006: The Year in Travel

What was your most memorable trip this year? A culinary tour of China. I had 77 meals in 17 days.
food + cooking

Complaint Department: Truffles in Paris

A group of friends gathered to celebrate the 50th birthday of Randal Breski, whose partner, David Tanis, is a chef at Chez Panisse.