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Charleston’s True Grits

In the Lowcountry of South Carolina, historic preservation runs headlong into modernization, and Frogmore stew shakes hands with New American cuisine.
January 2003

Pretty in Pink

The best, most flavorful shrimp come from the Lowcountry's salt marshes, contends John Martin Taylor, and are the stuff of which memories are made.
October 2002

Creole Comet

Before he vanished from sight, Austin Leslie was one of the most celebrated chefs on the New Orleans restaurant scene. John T. Edge explores the nature of fame and frying.
October 2002

Smoke and Mirrors

A serious "barbecuist" with a craving for perfectly seasoned, fork-tender meat finds reflections of the South in California.
June 2002

Rollin’ on the River: Galatoire’s

Galatoire’s is less a restaurant than a state of grace, a few hours of unhurried perfection, of things done the way they always have been.
May 2002

The Quiet Cook

Surrounded by mementos of a richly lived life, unassuming culinary powerhouse Edna Lewis talks to Chang-Rae Lee about political activism, running a restaurant, and strawberry shortcake....
November 2001

A Land As Big As All Outdoors

Big Bend is as foreboding as it is beautiful—and that's just the way people in Texas like it.
November 2001

Kiss My Grits

If you want to mess with tradition, says southerner John T. Edge, make sure that it’s your own.
October 2000

New Orleans Suissesse

Later versions of this cocktail are quite different, containing orgeat and no vermouth or crème de menthe.
November 1941