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food politics

Politics of the Plate: The Crate Escape

California has banned the close confinement of farm animals, and other states may soon follow its lead.
food politics

Politics of the Plate: Pollock Problems, and an Egg Lawsuit

The world’s largest pollock fishery faces collapse, and egg farmers are sued over inhumane conditions.
chefs + restaurants

The Taco-Truck Crackdown Begins

A new Los Angeles law targets mobile food vendors and kills their chances of succeeding.
food politics

Politics of the Plate: Suffering for Shrimp, Improved Food Safety, and the $20,000 Waffle

The human rights violations behind America’s most popular seafood; honesty in food recalls; and costly leftovers.
wine + spirits + beer

Sour Grapes

It’s no surprise that the president of the Wine and Spirits Wholesalers of America is upset about bills seeking to make it easier for consumers to buy wine directly from wineries....
wine + spirits + beer

The Battle for Craft Beer

Long deprived of world-class brews, Alabamans are fighting back.
diary of a foodie

Gourmet's Diary of a Foodie: Contraband Cuisine

Countries around the globe have differing standards of food safety.

food politics

Politics of the Plate: Ducking a Bullet

I waited nervously last week for news on whether the Environmental Protection Agency would actually approve the toxic chemical methyl iodide for applications as a pesticide.
food politics

Politics of the Plate: Produce Police

According to a database maintained by the Center for Science in the Public Interest, produce causes more illnesses than any other category of food.
travel + culture

The Word on the Street Food

India's Supreme Court banned hawkers from cooking food on the street. No doubt, street-hawkers will protest about how the government is taking away their livelihood.