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food + cooking

Road Trip: 10 Must-Try Miami Eateries

In our monthly collaboration with BlogHer, we’re following the smart money to insider eats in Florida’s most cosmopolitan city...
food + cooking

The Money Issue

A tax-time look at expensive ingredients, hidden restaurant charges, an ancient edible currency, and more
food + cooking

Gourmet Live & Blogher Road Trip Calendar

Gourmet Live and BlogHer highlight local food scenes in our monthly Road Trip series, delivering the inside dish from renowned bloggers on can't-miss restaurants, best eats, and hippest hangouts from coast to coast....
chefs + restaurants

Eight Great Street-Food Vendors in and around Miami

Miami is the perfect setting for spontaneous street eating.
travel + culture

Travel Smart: America’s Romance with the Rails

For speeding along at 200 m.p.h., there’s the TGV. For everything else there’s Amtrak.
travel + culture

Travel Smart: Is South Beach Still There?

Gourmet’s travel editor checks into Miami’s latest hot spot—with some baggage from the past.
chefs + restaurants

America’s Best Farm-to-Table Restaurants: Urban

Big cities have their share of farm-friendly fare, too.
July 2008

Exiles on Main Street

Her extended Cuban family has long made peace with the rhythms of life in Miami. Still, when it comes to some things (like, say, the Christmas pig), the old ways die hard.
September 2007

Checking Into History

From the birth of lobbying to the most illicit affairs, all the good stuff happened behind these closed doors.
May 2000