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Along the Boulevards: September 1947

This department's annual tour of inspection of the champagne circuit of the United States began, unforeseeably enough, in Boston this year.
September 1947

In Praise Of Alsace

Less than half a mile from the Place Klébe there is a little island in the tranquil river Ill.
August 1947

Mexican Mornings: July 1947

It was still early when Maria de Jesús padded down through the mango grove with a brimming market basket.
July 1947

Mexican Mornings: June 1947

It was the morning that I had to go to Mexico City on which Lord Freddy chose to disappear.
June 1947

Along the Boulevards

This is in the nature of a very brief report on Mexico.
April 1947

Mexican Mornings: April 1947

Most people, I understand, prefer their murder mysteries in the quiet and seclusion of dark nights.
April 1947

Mexican Mornings: March 1947

“You're as mad as a hatter,” said Don Federico morosely.
March 1947

Mexican Mornings: February 1947

All winter long, everywhere you went you heard and saw nothing but Mexico.
February 1947