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An Ode to American Cheese

There’s love in them there orange squares.
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Meet the New Deli

Jewish delicatessens haven’t been this exciting since pastrami first met rye.
October 2009

A Really Big Shoe

Horseshoe sandwiches are ubiquitous in Springfield, Illinois, but no one eats them anywhere else.
October 2009

Sandwiches of the World

Eating meat or cheese between layers of bread is practically an innate human behavior. These 12 delicious recipes show you why so many cuisines around the globe have some version of the sandwich....
travel + culture

A Midsummer Night’s Sandwich

Maybe it’s the midnight sun, but something has caused the residents of Helsinki to develop a curious fascination with very strange sandwiches. Cannibal, anyone?
food + cooking

My Day on a Plate: José Andrés

As part of a continuing series, José Andrés—who brought you cotton candy foie gras but won’t turn down an in-flight breakfast—tells us everything he consumed over the...

Bacon, Egg, and Tomato Club Sandwiches

There is nothing like a freshly made club sandwich. This triple-decker amplifies the classic flavors of hard-boiled eggs, chive mayo, and a jumble of herbs.
July 2009

Book Review: Falling Cloudberries

The very best cookbooks have the power to take you on a journey.
May 2009
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Restaurants Now: Neal’s Deli

(CARRBORO, N.C.) - The Neals spice their own pastrami. They mix olive salad in-house for muffulettas. But breakfast is when they toss down the gauntlet.
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Smoked Meat vs. Pastrami

I recently ate the famed smoked meat at Schwartz’s in Montreal, then flew back to New York and had the pastrami at Katz’s later that day. Which was better?
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