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For the Love of Pi(e)

We’re saluting pie—our favorite food in the round—and celebrating Pi Day with the San Francisco Exploratorium’s Pi-oneers. We tip our hat to St. Paddy, too, with a brand-new Gourmet’s Modern...
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Eight Great Street-Food Vendors in the Bay Area

It’s impossible to know which purveyors will persevere beyond their first 15 tweets, but here are eight worth checking out … for now.

Having a Grand Time, San Francisco

We offered some of our favorite restaurant critics a theoretical $1,000 to spend dining out in their home city.
October 2009
chefs + restaurants

Restaurants Now: Saison

Epitomizing haute French technique while remaining aggressively casual in tenor, Saison might be the consummate San Francisco fine dining experience.

Fanny Singer’s Bay Area Picks

Check out low-key restaurantsmany serving authentic ethnic eatsthat dot the Bay Area.
October 2009
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Eight Great Ice Cream Parlors In and Around San Francisco

Featuring everything from classic gelato to Adrià-worthy flavor pairings, these eight shops offer some of the Bay Area’s best ice cream.
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Restaurants Now: Black Iron Burger Shop, Tony’s Pizza Napoletana, Pilu Kiosk

During the dog days of summer, casual is key. This week, we check out a burger dive in New York City’s East Village; San Francisco’s latest entry into the Neapolitan pizza craze; and a beachside...
chefs + restaurants

Restaurants Now: Flour + Water, Civetta, Restaurant at St. Paul’s

This week, our roundup includes two highly anticipated Italian openings, one in San Francisco, the other in New York City. Plus, fine dining in—of all places—a London crypt.
chefs + restaurants

Restaurants Now: 54 Mint, Miroir, Coda

A spin around the world reveals a positively transporting Italian job in San Francisco, the neighborhood bistro of our dreams in Paris, and a Melbourne restaurant that pairs Asian tradition with modern...
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Lunch Before The Wedding

Sometimes there’s so much love all around it comes in through the air, it comes in through the hamburgers.