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lesley porcelli

food politics

The Kid’s Menu: Eating While Pregnant

Expectant mothers are treated like criminals if they’re caught with a glass of wine or a plate of sushi—but it’s time to change that.

Book Review: The Art and Soul of Baking

Even if you suffer from FOF (fear of flour), the tips and techniques that leaven this book will soon get you thinking like a pastry chef.
October 2008

Book Review: A Platter of Figs and Other Recipes

There’s a lot to be said for a chef who spends half the year entertaining in a home kitchen: Fussy preparations go out the window.
September 2008

Book Review: Beyond the Great Wall

The sheer heft of Beyond the Great Wall conveys as much about the book as its color-saturated photos and its evocative prose.
July 2008
food + cooking

The Kid’s Menu: Preventing Pickiness

I want my child to be an adventurous eater—but do I really have any say in the matter?
food + cooking

The Ultimate Culinary Con

As someone who loves to cook, the excuse of preparing a meal has gotten me out of vacuuming, doing taxes, and countless other chores.

Book Review: Fish Without a Doubt

Chef Rick Moonen and coauthor Roy Finamore have drafted a blueprint for minimizing hand-wringing in the store and kitchen and maximizing pleasure at the table.
June 2008
food + cooking

Cookbook Review: The Splendid Table’s How to Eat Supper

Sprinkled throughout this book are charming tidbits: anecdotes, tips, and trivia. But perhaps the book’s most refreshing aspect is its authoritative demystification of cooking....
food + cooking

Tangling with Tagliatelle

Making pasta is not actually that big a deal. My husband agreed, politely overlooking the dusting of flour on the floor and the dried noodles stuck to my jeans.
food + cooking

Hotter Chocolate

The state of hot chocolate in America is about as bad as it can get.