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Aviation Cocktail

Violet-scented cocktails such as The Aviation, once fairly common, almost disappeared 50 years ago. Newly available violet liqueurs are helping to bring them back.
October 2009

Purple Haze

The Varnish, a proto-speakeasy hidden at the back of the century-old sandwich shop Cole’s, is the center of the Los Angeles cocktail cult.
October 2009

Boozy Eggplant Jelly Bomboloni

Eggplant surprisingly transforms into a fig-like preserve with notes of apple and pear. The foolproof biscuit dough takes just minutes to put together.
August 2009

Orange Bavaroise

A sweet and orangey concoction brought to France in the 18th century and to our readers in the 20th.
January 1975

Suffering Bastard Trader Vic’s

Who doesn’t love a mondegreen cocktail name? Ghost town knee see… I mean, goes down easy, too.
May 1971

Cocktail of the Week: Northern Lights

Created by bar manager Tom Schlesinger-Guidelli, this cocktail was mentioned in our First Taste of Craigie On Main in Cambridge, Massachusetts as having a “spectrum of refreshing flavors.”...

Distrito Federal

You can think of this cocktail as a softer, more well-rounded Black Russian. Rum and brandy replace the vodka.
August 1958

Frozen Daiquiri

A perennial summer favorite, though the idea of making it without a blender is daunting. Pull out the power tools.
June 1945