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travel + culture

Travel Smart: Designed to Death

Gourmet’s travel editor thinks hotel décor should not be hazardous to your health.
travel + culture

Hallo Berlin! Thai Park Edition

Even in summer, you’re not going to confuse Berlin with Thailand. But maybe the Preuβenpark can give an approximation.
travel + culture

Hallo Berlin! Currywurst Edition

Anything that marries a German wurst with curry has to be awesome, right?
travel + culture

Hallo Berlin! Part One

Yes, there are the museums and the galleries and the nightclubs, but what’s most exciting about Berlin is the sense of openness and what is possible.
travel + culture

Travel Smart: Cooking in Your Room

Gourmet’s European correspondent finds some food-friendly hotels.
travel + culture

Berlin’s Renegade Wine Bars

Eat, drink, and donate at the city’s Weinerei chain.
food + cooking

Dining with Films and Michelin Stars

The Berlin Film Festival featured a series called Culinary Cinema this year: screenings paired with dinners inspired by the films and prepared by hotshot chefs.
travel + culture

The Ost With The Most

Seventeen years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, Berlin is being swept by a curious nostalgia for the once-loathed Communist half of the country.

Berlin: Act II

With Germany’s reborn capital entering a new stage of its career, a Pulitzer Prize–winning playwright revisits the scene of his first production.
November 2003