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Paul Grimes


Russian Easter Bread

A cross between brioche and challah, this bread (called kulich) is a lightly sweetened, egg-glazed cylinder, often baked in a coffee can to make a tall loaf.
April 2004

Country Rhubarb Cake

This variation on the classic Irish apple cake has a top and bottom crust made from a biscuitlike dough. You can cut this cake into wedges or dish it out with a spoon like a cobbler....
March 2004

Leeks Vinaigrette

No longer known as “poor man’s asparagus,” they’re a delicious side, a flavorful addition to innumerable dishes—and available year-round.
January 2004

Garlic Mashed Potatoes

We roasted a whole head of garlic for this recipe even though it’s more than needed—the leftover cloves are so versatile to have on hand.
September 2003

Mexican Chicken Salad

July 2003