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ann patchett


Great Meals: Just Add Water

The most enchanting memories of this laid-back caribbean sail came out of Sam Malone’s postage-stamp galley.
May 2009
food + cooking

Seven Reasons the Food Tastes Better at Home

Seven days a week, 365 days a year, my kitchen is always open. I never need a reservation and I can always get a great table.
travel + culture

2006: The Year in Travel

Your most memorable trip this year? I went to Ogden, Kansas, to visit a set of octogenarian second cousins I had never met before.
travel + culture

A Prince of a Hotel

There was a time that I thought the difference between a good trip and a bad trip was determined by the quality of the hotel.
travel + culture

Santa Fe: Food 10; Art 3

Wat’s interesting about Santa Fe is the number of really great restaurants intermingled with the awful galleries.

The Zen of Frosting

The icing on the cake, says Ann Patchett, is like the short skirt or the fast car—turning our heads and making promises it can't keep.
August 2002

An Affair to Remember

I have always thought that there is something inherently uninteresting about adults who attribute their shortcomings to their parents.
June 2001

To The Lighthouse

If you’re looking for breathtaking scenery and rustic seclusion, follow the guiding light to the rugged coast of Maine.
April 2001

Tough Love

Ann Patchett tells a tale of friendship, taxes, and smaller portions.
May 2000