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For Sushi's Sake

What's sleep got to do with it? We follow the footsteps of a passionate Tokyo chef.
October 2001

Asia on Ice

When the mercury starts climbing, look east for inspiration. These iced desserts don't just look pretty, they're also a delicious way to cool off.
August 2001

A Journey Of 1,000 Dishes

Snakes, scorpions, and ducks, oh my. A spectacular eating tour of China, where the noodles are hand-pulled and the toasts last all night. Margy Rochlin goes along for the ride.
June 2000

Food without Words

We found Ruth Tao Kim Hai, an American woman, through her husband, Andre M. Tao Kim Hai, a Vietnamese writer who'd done a few stories for us in the '40s.
June 1950

In a Tibetan Lamasery

Ruth Harkness reminisces about eating ten thousand dollars’ worth of rare pheasants while living in a remote Tibetan lamasery.
March 1944