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food politics

Putting the Cart Before the Computer

Brave new trolleys will read product codes to give customers information about nutrition and calories, and also about environmental and ethical issues surrounding potential purchases.

Politics of the Plate: Mission Man

Howarth Bouis has found a way to alleviate childhood malnutrition in the developing world. So why haven't you heard of him?
November 2007
food politics

The Perestroika Diet

What happens when you force an entire country to decrease its food intake from an average of 2,899 calories per day to 1,863?
food politics

Politics of the Plate: In-Cide Information

Hundreds of residents of Monterey County, California, complained of respiratory problems and stomach ailments following aerial spraying of an insecticide designed to eliminate apple moths.
food politics

More News from the GM Battlefront

Proponents of GM crops illogically argue that because there's no proof that bioengineered plants do any harm, there should be no laws prohibiting their use.
travel + culture

Search for the Cure

The practice of herbal medicine is alive and well in rural India.
food politics

Things Are Absolutely Fried

Asians have lived largely on vegetables, fish, and rice, but modern life is altering the Asian diet and lifestyle.
food politics

Politics of the Plate: Ducking a Bullet

I waited nervously last week for news on whether the Environmental Protection Agency would actually approve the toxic chemical methyl iodide for applications as a pesticide.
food politics

Hog in the Limelight

In pork-crazy North Carolina, the Ossabaw pig—with a wild-tinged ancient flavor and fat that’s actually good for you—makes a last stand.
October 2007
food politics

Politics of the Plate: Mr. McGuire was Dead Wrong...

A research team found that exposure to a chemical widely used in the manufacture of plastic bottles and food containers can alter genes in fetal mice.