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Chocolate Anise Bark
A sweet snack, full of chewy dried cherries and apricots, to nibble or wrap as a gift
This traditional sweet fruit-studded bread is the perfect gift for your holiday host.
Glittering Lemon Sandwich Cookies
Rolling the cookies in brightly colored sanding sugar makes them sparkle like vintage Christmas ornaments.
Cranberry Liqueur
Plan ahead, Santa: This liqueur takes three weeks to infuse, so be sure to get an early start on making this delicious gift.
Portuguese Honey Bread
This lightly spiced bread, filled with bits of flavorful candied fruit, is ideal for baking in gift-size small loaves. Mild honey lends sweetness, while molasses adds notes of caramel.
Chocolate Peppermint Stars
Peppermint and dark chocolate combine to make the ideal cookie for a swap, to serve up for Santa, or to give as a holiday gift.
For dramatic impact on your holiday table, look no further. These Provençal leaf-shaped breads are like scented sculptures, with a heady fragrance of orange and anise.
Chocolate-Covered Raspberry Truffles
As a homemade gift, truffles never go out of style. Be sure to use bittersweet chocolate with no more than 60 percent cacao for this recipe.
Spiced Orange Wine
This home-blended wine is a little sweeter and stronger than a regular glass of wine, hitting all the right notes for a special celebration.
Banana Nut Bread
The irresistible homey aroma of this sweet bread baking just might make you want to keep it for yourself.
Dulce de Leche and Nut-Butter Truffles
Combining caramelized milk, bittersweet chocolate, and almond butter produces a sophisticated, not-too-sweet confection.
Orange and Mint Loaves
This bread becomes more complex in flavor and aroma the day after baking, and it is absolutely stellar when toasted.
Honey Nut Squares
Honey and cream suspend almonds, hazelnuts, and pine nuts in a gorgeous, glossy candied topping on a buttery crust.
Stained-Glass Teardrops
More windowlike than your usual window cookies, these rely on hard candies for the centers, yielding a delicate, jewel-toned pane. 
Whole-Wheat Bread with Walnuts and Cranberries
This homey, free-form bread makes a great gift. And it’s easy, too, requiring only a few minutes of kneading and one quick rise.
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