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flank steak
Serving flank steak (a favorite for the grill) Korean style is always a hit—guests make lettuce-leaf bundles with rice and thin slices of the meat and do the garnishing on their own.
Grilling sweetbreads gives them a crispy crust that contrasts beautifully with their creamy, tender interior. In Argentina, sweetbreads are usually grilled whole, but we find people are less intimidated by them when they’re prepared this way—separated into pieces. As with all offal, be sure the sweetbreads are very fresh.
london broil
Our love is like a red, red rose: Grilled onions of a certain hue take London broil to the next level.
chicken kebabs
Chicken’s dark meat is great for grilling because it stays very moist and really soaks up the flavors of a marinade—in this case, an Asian-inspired blend that balances sweet and savory.
smoke-roasted lamb
Lamb has enough intrinsic flavor to match not only the smokiness that results from being cooked over a smoldering fire but also bold spice mixtures like the lemony oregano paste and spicy apricot relish we use here.
smoke-roasted pork
You can substitute a boneless pork loin in this recipe (it shortens the cooking time by about 15 minutes), but we encourage you to seek out a bone-in one; the meat always seems a bit richer and deeper in flavor.
buffalo burgers
A low-fat alternative to beef, ground buffalo is becoming increasingly available.
pork burgers
Here, pork burgers get a triple hit of flavor: The sauce gets mixed into the meat, slathered onto the cooked burgers for the last minute of grilling, and brushed on the bun. A cabbage slaw with a creamy dressing tops them off with just the right crunch.
lamb burger
There’s more than one way to make a cheeseburger, and this is one of our favorites—tucking the cheese inside the patty ensures a juicy, well-seasoned burger. A mixture of feta and fresh mint gives these lamb burgers a Mediterranean spin.
herbed poussins
An herb paste smeared onto these birds adds a concentrated taste of summer; this works nicely with the poussins, since they’re small enough to cook through before the herbs can threaten to burn.
glazed steak
The glaze, which goes on the asparagus as well as the steak, has a rich sweetness that is transformed into something wonderfully complex once it hits the heat of the grill.
lemon chicken
Summer and my father’s grilled lemon chicken are synonymous for me. The chicken picks up a bright citrus flavor in an unusual marinade made with lemon, oil, and egg. Dad likes to serve it with homemade potato salad and iced tea spiked with mint leaves.
veal chops
We were bowled over by Miraglia Eriquez’s mother’s method for grilled breaded chops—it truly combines the best of both worlds, with the crumbs toasting and crisping up while taking on a hint of smoke. Meanwhile, the meat inside couldn’t be juicier.
pork al pastor
A popular taco filling in Mexico, pork al pastor is usually cooked in a huge slab on a vertical rotisserie (like Middle Eastern shawarma) and sliced off to order, so that the outside bits are crisp and golden and the inside is juicy and tender.
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