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Salted Chocolate Caramels
It’s the sprinkle of sea salt that really takes these caramels over the top, teasing out the creamy richness of the buttery chocolate candies.
Chocolate-Covered Raspberry Truffles
These truffles are a great homemade gift. Be sure to use bittersweet chocolate with no more than 60 percent cacao for this recipe.
Devil's Food Cake with Brown Sugar Buttercream
The flavor of this rich chocolate cake is terrific the day it’s baked but becomes even deeper over time; we suggest making it at least one day ahead. And it works particularly well as cupcakes, as shown.
Kataifi with Candied Pumpkin and Yogurt
A refreshing way to finish the meal, this Greek-inspired dessert features kataifi, a seductively crisp, light Middle Eastern dough.
Pumpkin Cake with Sage Ice Cream and Pumpkin Cherry Compote
The Spanish pumpkin syrup that tops this dessert is equally good drizzled on an aged cheese like Manchego or a fresh cheese like ricotta.
Caramel Corn Clusters
Whether your next DVD rental has you reaching for something sweet or spicy, you’ll agree the concession stand can’t compare with this movie munchie.
Toasted-Coconut Marshmallow Squares
We often relegate marshmallows to a hot-chocolate topper, but these coconut treats definitely deserve to be offered up solo. Each pillowy square is surrounded by a flurry of toasted coconut. And since they keep for a month, they can be made well in advance of the holiday rush.
Apple Soju Cocktails
This refreshing aperitif, a brainchild of David Arnold of the French Culinary Institute, bathes crisp matchsticks of Pink Lady apple with soju (a Korean spirit) and a little sparkle. For a spicier option, try our blood-red Witches’ Brew.
Molasses Sponge Candy
The sponge candy’s tender crunch melts in your mouth.
Passion-Fruit Gelees
These delicate gelées are wonderful for company—the passion-fruit purée gives them golden color and heady tropical flavor. As an added bonus, they keep beautifully for up to a month.
Chocolate Peanut Toffee
The transformation of butter, sugar, and salt into toffee is culinary alchemy at its best. This version is studded with cocktail peanuts and a decadent layer of bittersweet chocolate.
Pumpkin Seed Brittle
Crunchy pumpkin seed brittle supplies texture and sculptural contrast to smooth Mahón cheese ice cream.
Brandied Hot Chocolate
The thickness and bitterness of your drink will depend on your chocolate’s level of cacao, which varies among brands. We got great results with Ghirardelli, which produced a full-bodied cocoa (our preference for dunking the ginger doughnuts). We also used Lindt to good effect, but needed to add more cornstarch for extra thickening. Chocolate with more than 60 percent cacao will be too bitter.
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