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Frozen Strawberry Daiquiris

A lovely summer drink made even better by a clever use of the freezer.
May 1989

Pedro Ligero’s White Sangría Azulete

A delicious and intriguing version of the classic Spanish wine cocktail.
July 1987

Pineapple Grapefruit Swirls

If you have metal ice cube trays, this recipe is a breeze. If you don’t, you should get some.
August 1987

Apricot Toddy

One of the only cocktails we know of that’s made with a dried-fruit-infused spirit.
February 1986

Orange Fizz

Make this drink with a soda siphon if you have one. You want a nice head of foam on top.
August 1986

Cranberry Liqueur

Perfect for Thanksgiving—but if you get a late start, also perfect as a Christmas gift.
November 1986

Spring Feeling Savoy

A classic cocktail made of gin, green Chartreuse, and lemon juice—in just the right proportions.
August 1984

Manhattan Windows on the World

An iconic cocktail from one of New York City’s iconic restaurants.
October 1984

Frozen Eggnog

Not many cocktails are the consistency of soft ice cream. Perhaps more should be.
December 1984

Mint Julep

Of course the bourbon matters, but there are few drinks where the ice is so critical.
May 1983